Creative life was the way of life in my family. My Grandmother was a very skilled seamstress, making patterns from newspaper, creating department store replications for my mom in her youth. My mom was a stylist and owned a hair salon. She was also an avid painter selling her work. Using her endless patience, my mom taught me how to sew, and continued to help transform store bought clothing into something a little different. Through college I always had a sewing area, usually a closet or hallway, and learned what I could from pattern drafting books. Then I graduated...

From paper and pencil...

Like so many others, there I was in my early 20's, degree-in-hand, not sure what to do with my future. For fun, I would draft patterns with a friend using one of her design school books. During one of those sessions, while professing my love of creating from paper and pencil, she said “ you should go to design school and learn how to do this for real ”. That was it. I was all in!

That really is the core of it. Creating something from scratch...from paper and pencil. It doesn't always turn out how you think it will. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes it goes in the recycling. When it's good though, it's so exciting. Even better when that piece is finished, and I get to see someone else get excited. That's actually the best part. I made this, and look at the joy it's bringing to another person. So fun.


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